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SEO Test Results from RankBuilder

For fun I took the SEO Test on RankBuilder... here is my results:

The SEO Matrix Specialist

The SEO Matrix Specialist is an SEOer who has generally been in the game for a while (at least a year) and you know your stuff. You’re one of the few who were able to cut straight most of the BS about SEO and just go with what works. Your rise to the level you’re at now was likely quick although it could be a result of years of hard work put in.

You’re the type of SEOer who has pretty much perfected the formulas that work for you – and most importantly that you read and acknowledge SEO “gurus” in general but you don’t hang on their every word. In fact, you’re probably a lot better in practical, results-based SEO than most of them.

What sticks out about you most though is your uncanny ability to get consistent and proven results. If you want to rank for a specific keyword – you likely can do it and you likely know how much of an investment it will be in time and money to do so. You are generally ready to attack anywhere sufficient opportunity shows itself.

But you’re not sporadic or jumpy about it. No, the things you do are pure formula – things that you’ve been doing for a while now and you’ve got your own “special sauce” when it comes to the way you do SEO.

When it comes to things like Blackhat, you don’t specifically subscribe to these methods as some would label it.

The bottom line is that you have your way of doing SEO and you simply define it as such. You like to go against the grain because that’s what works for you and you’ll go with flow when it’s most appropriate.

You are an SEO specialist in your own right, although you may not be recognized as such. You’d be the type more likely to have 4 or 5 out of the top 10 spots in Google and no one even knows they’re all the same person’s sites.

Cons: It can be a struggle sometimes keeping up with the game and finding new and exciting ways to add that needed juiced to your formula.

Pros: You’re that rare breed which usually gets what you want when you go after it. You can be a beast of a competitor if you put all your efforts into any one campaign and will likely continue to be so.

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