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What happens when you Google google?

Recently (just as an experiment) I decided to go to Google images and Googled the word "google".

I got the following images, along with thousands of others. But theses ones struck me as interesting and thought provocative with respect to SEO and PageRank.

What it proves however is that many people out there want to learn more about Google PageRank and SEO, but they don't have a clue.

Here is the jist of it... PageRank is a measurement of 3 combined things: The quality of your website, the number of 3rd party links going to it, and how popular it is.

If a website is well-designed, content heavy and has a "fair chunk of links" going to it there should be no problem reaching a PageRank of 2 or 3 easily. Doing an even better job and you should be able to get to PageRank 4.

If your site is very popular you might be able to get to PageRanks 5 or 6. If you get to 7 or better then your success is practically guaranteed. ie. is PageRank 7... and as you know, the Beatles were "bigger than Jesus".

No seriously, in terms of PageRank, is only PageRank of 0 (it forwards to And that is just plain sad and pathetic. Jesus would be ashamed of for co-opting his name like that.

More SEO advice, tips and observations to come!

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