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Reputation Clean Up via SEO


I'm interested in an article you wrote here:

The reason being I've recently found myself a victim of this site. 

Information was posted about me on I contacted the person who the account belonged to - an ex - and asked her to remove the information. At the same time contacting cheaterville as well. In a matter of hours it was removed. So imagine my anger and frustration when I found the same information on

I'm asking if you can give me more info about this lawsuit because I don't seem to find anything about this online and the person that made the original post is unable to remove what is on badboyreport, because it is in fact a scrapping site. As well, the bad boy site is not done and is still up and running. Imagine when I read in your article that it also owns slander911. smh. because I was looking to contact them as a way to remove my info.

A little frustrated as to my next move, litigation or what to be honest and any info you have would be much appreciated.

Really frustrated.
(Name Omitted due to Privacy Reasons)



I first got interested in the Bad Boy Report case because it started happening soon after I had been contracted to do SEO for a man who wanted to clean up his online reputation. Someone had badmouthed him all over the internet and many of the top 10 search results for his name were bad. So our goal in cleaning up his reputation was to diminish the bad results and bring forward all the good charity work he has done in the past, thus improving his image online.

What I can tell you however is that Bad Boy Report used to be a .com website until they got sued in California. Their website was shut down and then they went overseas and set up the Korean website. The site (as you probably already know) makes money by tricking people into going to a phony "clean up your reputation" website where you pay $$$ to have posts removed, but then a year later they report the bad stuff and try to extort money from you a 2nd time. Their goal essentially is to keep ripping people off annually.

My client hired me to do the opposite, not get rid of the bad stuff, but to simply drown it in good stuff so that nobody would ever believe the phony stuff. Thus my goal was to make lots of high profile websites mentioning his name in a positive way. Since then we have pushed the Bad Boy Report page down to the 2nd page of Google results and page 1 results are all positive. So that campaign was a complete success. I can tell you that other people are probably making efforts to have the Korean version of the website removed, but even if they did get it removed the owners of Bad Boy Report would just move to Vietnam or some other country, as their illegal profits depends on keeping their website up and being a nuisance.

When I type in your name (name omitted for privacy reasons) I get photos of people with the same name, various linkedin profiles, facebook, 2 other websites and then Bad Boy Report comes up as #6. I presume this is either you or someone else with the same name?

(link not shown due to privacy reasons)

If you wanted a SEO campaign to bolster the good things you have done in the past (or are currently doing) let me know. I enjoyed working on that reputation project as it was a welcome change from my normal SEO campaigns for the real estate industry. I would totally do it again.

For me doing a Reputation Management job was quite enjoyable. Definitely a change of pace.


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