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What about Link Building Services

Search Engine Optimization starts with links. Your back link profile is the most important factor in top search engine rankings.

Think of the web as a giant popularity contest, the more links that are pointing to your site, the more popular your site must be and the better you'll rank.

Links are the core element in all search engine ranking algorithms. We provide quality link campaigns that are guaranteed to take you to the top 5 of Google regardless of how competitive your keywords are - you just need the budget, we'll do the rest.

Check your back link profile by using the "link:" operator in Google, or for a more accurate link count - use Yahoo's site explorer tool (Google likes to hide true link counts). Compare your website to the sites currently ranking on the first page for an idea on where you'll need to take your back link profile.

Read our SEO blog and learn more about link building and other Search Engine Optimization basics.

Types of Links

Now that you have some concept of your link count and how many links you'll need to be competitive, how do you get them? Two ways - naturally, or by buying them.

Natural links

The main problem with natural links is that you have no control over how and where other sites link to you. It also takes a long time to build up the number of links - as in years. And be prepared to spend a lot of money on web development as you'll truly need to set yourself apart from other sites in your space in order for other sites to want to link to you. At the end of the day, nothing guarantees you'll get the links you need and you have zero control over the anchor text used for the links. Most natural links wind up being your domain name, which isn't as effective as keyword based links.

First off - let's clear up any misconceptions you may have about paid links.

Google (and Yahoo/Bing), do not have any mechanisms in place that automatically detect paid links, nor will they ever. If they did, all you'd need to do to get your competitor banned is buy a bunch of links and presto, their site would disappear. Clearly search engines would never let this happen, otherwise competitive sabotage would run rampant and they'd wind up spending all their time cleaning up the mess this would create. Although it is in their best interest for webmasters to believe this...propaganda anyone?

Second - paid links work - even in ultra competitive categories. Trust us - we've been using paid links since G rolled out PR as a method of ranking websites - and it works. Last, but certainly not least - provided you have the budget, there are no search terms we can't nail for you. None, period.

Types of link buys

There are two primary types of paid links - static site links and blog links.

1.) Static site links are typically found on the homepage of a site, as part of the main navigation in a prominent location and are designed to provide both traffic and link power.

2.) Blog links are posts on various related blogs that are designed for traffic and link power. We employ our own team of veteran bloggers who's posts will be written in a neutral manner (non promotional & news oriented perspective), so there aren't any issues with the posts being viewed as sponsored or as endorsements for products or services. This will keep your brand police happy. The best thing about sponsored links is that you can control the anchor text to focus on your target keywords and you also control the growth rate. The biggest difference between the two types of links is that you have to pay for static links every month and the minute you stop paying, the link comes down. Blog links on the other hand remain active for the life of the post, and you only pay once. This helps grow the total link count over time. We recommend a mix of both link types for maximum results.

Other important details on links

Anchor text. This is the actual word(s) used in the link itself. This needs to be the same, or related, to the term you're looking to rank for. For example - if we're trying to rank you for garden sheds then we'll set your anchor text to terms such as garden sheds, sheds, storage sheds, etc... And while its true that any link is better than no link, having the anchor text set as won't produce anywhere as near the same impact as having the text targeted.

Landing page(s). We'll make sure that you're mixing it up a little, but place most of the weight towards the page that's best related to the term you're targeting. Typically a 70% weight towards the targeted page, 15% to the homepage, and the remaining 15% to other pages that make sense. Too many links pointing at just one page can trip alarms with the search engines so we'll be careful not to over do it.

Growth rate. For existing websites, the growth at which you introduce new links to your site needs to be carefully monitored. We'll make sure that there is a slow but steady ramp up in the links so the growth pattern doesn't look out of place.

Time requirements. Once we've rolled things out completely, you can expect to see ranking improvements with the terms we've targeted within 2-6 weeks. We provide historical ranking reports every month for all your targeted terms so you have an easy to read graph showing the effectiveness of the links.

Once we've achieved the desired rankings, we can change up the terms we're working with, rotating with a new set. The number of terms you can work with is largely dictated by your budget. Our link campaigns have proven their worth time and time again - across many different categories for both brand new, as well as established sites. Coupled with onsite optimization, our link campaigns have taken search terms that previously weren't in the top 100, and within a couple months, have driven them to number 1. And not obscure long tail phrases, but for single phrase, ultra competitive terms dominated by big players. When it comes to Toronto SEO it pays to hire a pro!

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