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Toronto Search Engine Optimization provides expert search engine optimization services for Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. Making sure your site is well ranked in the top three search engines is critical for any company seeking an online presence.

With over 10 years experience, we know what works and what doesn't. In today's search engines there are two major elements required to achieve top rankings.

1.) Links - link building campaigns - Offsite optimization based in Toronto

Since the number of links pointing to your site is the most important factor in how search engines like Google determine your site's importance, your going to need links from TORONTO WEBSITES. When combined with onsite optimization services, our link building campaigns will take your site to the top for your target keywords regardless of how competitive they are and optimize it so you are getting local Toronto people finding your business.

2.) An optimized website - Onsite optimization

Having lots of content and links won't do you much good if your Toronto website is a mess. One of your first steps should be to ensure your website has been thoroughly and properly optimized. This should include the following:

Meta, title and description tags that are topic specific and location specific

Internal navigation structure

Internal linking structure

Directory and file name design

Headers, keyword density

Title/Alt tags for images

Image filenames

robots.txt file

Clean HTML coding

Sitemap page

XML sitemaps exports (large e-commerce sites)

Unique copy through out (non-duplicated pages)

2A.) Content - copy optimization

You can't expect to rank well if your Toronto website doesn't have content about the products being searched for, and duplicate content copied from other sources doesn't count. Original structured and useful content about your product or service is required, and more is always better. There's no such thing as too much unique content. We can create copy for your site, or re-work and optimize your existing content.

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