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5 Business Tips for the Tech Savvy

1. Ignore the doom and gloom

Entrepreneurs should not be put off starting their own business, even when they think its a tough climate to do so. Tough Climate = More people looking for DEALS, which is an opportunity if you are the deal making type.

2. Government must foster innovation

Governments never claimed to be business experts. Their job and their role is to facilitate and encourage business innovation. Therefore business savvy people should always stay aware of what changes are happening in the marketplace, especially changes in laws that might create an opening for a new business model.

3. Lack of investor confidence = You need to work harder.

Just because investors are unsure doesn't mean you should quit and go home. You just need to work harder at making your product or service the more viable choice.

4. Technology can transform any industry

Even the lowly farmer can benefit from cellphones, computer simulations of crop yields and new innovations in energy / genetically modified plants or organic produce.

5. Mobile tech is the future of business

The sooner you realize this and figure out how to get your message to the mass market (including mobile clients) the sooner you can expand your business.

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