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$10 Guest Posts? Not worth our time.

Since February we have had a client asking us to post a sponsored article they wrote for $10 USD.

Every week she would email us, nagging us, to post the article. Every week since February and it is now July.

Except nobody who works at wants to post the article.

I don't think we will be posting it after all.

The $10 USD just isn't worth the time and effort to do it. None of our staff wants to post it because we have other clients paying $30 USD or more. The time it takes to post it means whomever does the work is getting paid less than minimum wage for their time and effort, and when they have to choose between clients who pay more and her offer of $10, they are obviously going to choose the clients who pay more.

I am only posting this blog post because I just had to copy paste it and it takes me less than minute. Plus it allows me to vent about a client who is frankly a cheapskate and doesn't want to pay our usual rate of $30 USD.

Which is an industry standard rate for advertising. Anything less than $30 USD is cheap and the person doing the work is being underpaid.

So we are literally turning down money because it is literally not enough money to be worth our time.

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