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Imported Old Blog Content

Today I imported some old blog content from a different blog I have decided to get rid of.

The blog in question had 16 posts pertaining to business advice, organization skills, SEO, and similar topics.

Exporting an old blog and importing it to a new blog (or a more popular blog) is a good way to build content or expand content.

It saves you time on writing content too, as you've already written it, it is done, and you probably only need to make a few editing changes after importing the old content.

Some blogs just don't become popular. In the case of that blog, I think it was a bad title which was forced on me by a client at the time. Years later there is no point keeping it or adding to it, so it makes more sense to just "cannibalize" the old blog content and add it to an existing blog which contains similar or identical topics.

In this case SEO Toronto already has posts about marketing advice, business advice and so forth so it is a good match.

Redirecting the Old Blog

Furthermore you don't need to lose any lost traffic from the old blog. Instead you redirect any visitors to the old blog to the new one.

In the case of blogspot, all you need to do is locate <head> tag in the HTML and copy/paste the following text in there:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=''" />

You then replace "" with your website address, save it, and in the future your old blog will redirect to the new website every time a visitor goes there.

In my case I decided to redirect visitors specifically to the Business Advice section. That way visitors to the old blog are most likely to end up in the section they were looking for.

Is it fair to visitors to suddenly be redirected to a new blog? Not precisely. But they will find way more useful things on this website anyway, and a lot more of it. So it has pros and cons.

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