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People who want free SEO and don't want to pay for it

A few days ago someone emailed me asking for a lengthy list of SEO books that I would recommend for people who want to do their own SEO.

My response was as follows:

"Certainly. How many hours worth of research are you looking for to construct this list of books?

Payment is $30 USD per hour and must be paid in advance via either PayPal or Interac Email Transfer."

They never responded to the email, possibly realizing that constructing a list of SEO books is a time intensive activity and thus would constitute "work".

I was not expecting a response either. The tone of my response was polite, but it implied the concept of "nothing is free" and if you want to do your work for you, then you had best be paying for my efforts.

So here is a handy SEO Tip... Either:




I have a life. I don't have time to waste constructing "lists" for people who are not paying me. If I have books listed on one of my websites, then please go read the website. I am not going to waste my valuable time doing research for someone else for free.

Expecting people to do your work for free may harken back to Tom Sawyer tricking his friends into painting the fence for him, but just because it worked for the fictional Tom Sawyer on his hick friends, doesn't mean that nonsense will work today.


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