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Social Media Experts = Funny

I must admit that "Social Media Experts" (people who deal primarily in Facebook, Twitter, etc) give online marketing a bad rep.

And what good is web traffic if it doesn't also increase sales?

Hiring a SMO (Social Media Optimizer) should have some kind of long term ROI (Return On Investment) goal.

Note - Less than 8% of people in North America use Twitter. And less than 1% of people actually READ Twitter. Most of them are just posting nonsense and hoping other people are reading.

And Facebook? Facebook is so full of spam that people are turning it off as much as they can, upping their privacy, reducing notifications, etc that trying to advertise a company on Facebook is also largely a waste of time and purely the result of a company bent on egotism instead of profits.

If you are egotist, then go ahead and hire someone to do SMO to promote you and your business for the sake of ego.

If you want to get traffic that will result in sales, hire a SEO expert instead.

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