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Protecting your Online Reputation

We are living in an era now wherein people need to control their online reputation or risk letting other people control it for you.

You might like having your privacy and anonymity, but if you are the type of person who makes enemies then you are going to be badmouthed by those enemies online.

Which means if you have avoided having an online presence then your online reputation can be ruined by a few bad eggs who see you as an easy target by messing with your online reputation.

By not protecting / promoting your online reputation then other people can gain control of your reputation and it will be very hard to fix it.

But not impossible.

Which is why SEO experts can also be hired to do online reputation management and repair. We maintain and improve your online reputation.  Enemies who badmouth you all over the internet will have their complaints and lies down at the bottom of the Google results instead of at the top.

And frankly, when you go for a job interview or are interested in a romantic relationship, chances are likely people are going to Google your name. Do you want them finding all the bad stuff people have been saying about you at the top?

Or all the good stuff?

You could try and sue people / websites for posting bad things about you, but that gets very expensive and difficult if the companies are based in foreign countries. It is less expensive to simply keep control of your online presence.

Lose control of your reputation and it can turn into a nightmare for your work and relationships.

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