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Maximizing the Toronto Poet, how to get the most out of your Link Keywords

Lets say you are promoting a particular website, ie. The Toronto Poetry Club.

Should you really be using the same keywords all the time? SEO amateurs would say yes, but any expert will tell you its better to use a mixture of keywords.

In this case I recommend using the words:

Toronto poet
Toronto poetry
Toronto poems

And of course, Toronto Poetry Club.

Why is it so important to use a mixture? First of all not everyone Googles the same words. You don't want your SEO to be too narrowly focused. Secondly, you don't want people landing on your website that are off topic. ie. they were looking for the Toronto Archery Club or perhaps a Toronto dance club. Or worse, they were looking to buy a spiked club made of wood and metal spikes. Or that club that people stick on the steering wheels to prevent their cars from being stolen.

When making ads for the website (to be placed on 3rd party blogs and websites) you will often find yourself in a position to post three links instead of just 1. In such a scenario what you want to do is use three sets of keywords to get the maximum advantage out of your purchased links.

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