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SEO / Search Engine Optimization in Toronto

I've started this blog because its become evident that there are a lot of people out there who want to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but are unfortunately clueless.

I recently quit my job at an advertising agency, and although it wasn't my primary reason for quitting, the fact that my boss there was clueless about SEO was certainly a factor.

What was worse is that he didn't even want to LEARN the basics of SEO. He didn't care. He was an old dinosaur who would lie to clients about how the internet works because he frankly didn't understand it and didn't care.

Another factor was that he would promise clients the moon, and then complain when the SEO expert (me) couldn't deliver it automatically.

Therefore the first thing I want to stress is that SEO doesn't happen overnight. Its a slow, gradual process and it requires PATIENCE. It takes time to make a website popular.

One of the things he kept fussing about was how he wanted our websites to go viral. He was dreaming! Your website will not go viral unless your product/service and/or presentation is actually REALLY, REALLY GOOD. It doesn't matter how much you advertise your crappy website, if its crap its crap.

But you can fix that so at least your website is presentable. One of the things I will talk about on this site is SEF: Search Engine Friendly(iness). SEF website design can make a big difference in making your site popular, but its also a matter of presentation, aesthetics, user friendliness and "the FUN Factor".

These topics and many more are on the horizon. Please follow/bookmark this blog and come back for more SEO advice and tips in the future.

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